With so much information online about how to manage and juggle the emotions and health of the whole family, it can feel overwhelming to know which Natural Tools will make the biggest difference. 

In my house, my favorite discovery has been Essential Oils. When we started using the most thoroughly tested essential oils on the planet, we found that they were incredibly powerful and helpful for every member of our family...I finally felt like the supermom I wanted to be!

So whether you are curious or serious about natural solutions for your family, I would love to share what has worked so well for us and show you how we're striving to know better and do better in our home and pay it forward in our community.

From our Joyful Casa to yours...


What would make the biggest impact toward creating your own Joyful Casa?

natural wellness

To live well and recuperate fast is the goal! Learn how having Essential Oils at your fingertips enhances your daily routines and helps you to pivot smoothly when life (or your toddler) challenges you!

Healthy Habits

Family life means managing time, emotions, movement, and more! Check out how our family strives to do our best in all these areas...and how we're still learning along the way!

Fulfilling work

Empowering and equipping families with natural tools is truly rewarding work.  From naptime to fulltime, residual income is a smart way pay down debt, supplement the budget, or prepare for future expenses. 

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